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Exceptional hardwood flooring by Interiors Plus in Upland, CA

There's nothing like hardwood flooring to increase the value of your home. Distressed and smooth finishes of wood flooring making your space long-lasting and beautiful. With new technology, the manufacturers of hardwood floors have greatly improved the construction and finishes of wood flooring making it even more durable and appealing. Hardwood flooring's natural characteristics add a rich appearance any living area that other floors try to duplicate. Wood floors can be installed on all grade levels, even below grade. They can be installed over many types of sub flooring, including concrete slabs. Interiors Plus carries many major brands of hardwood flooring including California Classics, LM Flooring, among several others!

Everyone in the Interiors Plus team aims to provide the best service possible. Complete customer satisfaction is our priority. After more than 30 years in the industry, we have learned that treating our customer’s with care as well as providing a variety options is the best way to achieve client happiness. Much of our success has seen it’s light due to the countless referrals we receive. Our customers have not only spread the good news, but they have also returned to us for other services and products. We are still consistently receiving referrals, which has allowed us to service high profile companies and individuals. Our client list includes prominent Southern California banks, commercial and residential property management companies, real estate agencies, general contracting firms, and residential homeowners. Interiors Plus always gets the job done properly. If you’re looking for peace of mind, excellent service, and superior products, call us today for a free in-home estimate!

Hardwood flooring brands we carry:

  • Shaw Hardwood
  • LM Flooring
  • Elegance Wood Flooring
  • California Classics
  • Bruce Robbins by Armstrong
  • And more!


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