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Interiors Plus in Upland offers laminate flooring that lasts and looks great!

Interiors Plus carries a wide range of laminates such as Armstrong, Quick Step®, Shaw and Mowhawk. Each manufacturer carries extensive warranties assuring the consumer of their decision to purchase laminate flooring. Laminate floors offer exceptional durability and performance that will hold up to a busy household and most commercial traffic. If you want the appearance of wood floors but find the cost too high, then wood laminate flooring is the answer. Not only do laminates on today’s market closely resemble real wood floors, they also hold up better from the wear and tear that stem from children, pets, and spills. The durable finish protects laminate floors from scratching and chipping, extending their lifetime. Laminates are also extremely easy to clean, and have superior stain, impact, and indentation resistance. The special glueless locking system allows any do-it-yourself consumer to install the laminate floor, saving them the cost of installation.

The Interiors Plus team aims to provide the best quality service possible. Our goal is to leave each customer completely satisfied. After more than 30 years in the industry, much of our success has seen it’s light due to the countless referrals we receive. Our customers have not only spread the good news, but they have also returned to us for other services and products. Thanks to them and our exceptional team, our client list has grown exponentially. We have extended our services to prominent Southern California banks, commercial and residential property management companies, real estate agencies, general contracting firms, and residential homeowners. Interiors Plus always gets the job done properly and provides only the most superior products on the market. If you’re looking for peace of mind and beautiful looking laminate flooring, give us a call to receive a free in-home estimate!

Durability and performance:

  • Hold up better from the wear and tear of children, pets, and spills
  • Hold up to a busy household and most commercial traffic.
  • Resistant to scratching and chipping
  • More affordable option than traditional hardwood floors
  • Installation and the product costs less
  • DIY friendly – glueless locking system allows the do-it-yourself consumer to install the laminate floor, saving the cost of installation.


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